What is Solid Surface?

Solid Surface is a non-porous, chemical and stain resistant material which can be fabricated into fully customised seamless countertops and other applications. Solid Surface is moderately heat resistant and scratch although we do not recommend placing very hot items directly on the surface. Counters made of Solid Surface will scratch/ gouge if used as a cutting/chopping surface, so we recommend the use of a cutting board. However, Solid Surface can be repaired or refinished to regain its original “new” look.

What products should be used to clean Solid Surface?

We recommend mild soap and water for regular cleaning of your Solid Surface counters. Although, Lime Away or Clorox can be used for more stubborn stains. We highly advise that you do not use abrasive cleaners, as these may remove the glossy finish of your counters.

What is the difference between Solid Surface and Granite?

Solid Surface is a man-made material which makes it 100% non-porous, while Granite is a porous, natural stone mined from the earth.

What is the difference between Solid Surface and Quartz?

Both materials are manmade and non-porous which makes them have a high stain resistance and easy to clean. Quartz is very much harder than Solid Surface, but the joints are not seamless. Solid Surface is more customisable than Quartz and is seamless.

Can I install a Solid Surface Counter Top over an existing tiled counter?

Yes! Solid Surface Counters can be installed without you having to remove the tiles already in place on your existing countertop.