It’s time to consider a beautiful countertop option that was designed to save your pocketbooks. Solid surface countertops are often classified as mid-range countertops, allowing owners who want high-end finishes with budget-friendly options to find the perfect fit. This is one of the easier countertops to maintain, as it can be resurfaced in the home with little to no mess. Solid Surface can be made to resemble stone while capturing your colour preferences.

This non-porous material allows you to enjoy an easy-to-clean surface that is resistant to bacteria and stains. As a result, your countertops will be naturally easy to clean. Unlike laminate and some other types of materials used for countertops, the colour of the Solid Surface material goes all the way through the counter, from top to bottom. As a result, damage can be repaired easily. While a Solid Surface will scratch easier than Quartz or Granite if you cut on it, scratches can be removed easily.

Learn more about solid surface countertops, your design options, and what we can do, by reaching out to our team today. Since 1991, we’ve proudly offered customized Solid Surface countertops to homeowners and builders across the community. We look forward to elevating your home’s beauty, value and functionality on your budget and timeline.

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